Nintendo Switch owners get a rare free gift

Nintendo is rolling out some free trials – now playing it for them Mario Strikers: Battle League But these experiences usually come with associated conditions. Sometimes these chains include people who must have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to test a game, and if the experience is for the Nintendo Switch Online itself, Nintendo typically limits it to new users which means if you ever have By subscribing, you are not eligible. But that has changed this time around, with Nintendo offering everyone a seven-day trial of the Nintendo Switch Online no matter if it’s their first, second, or 100th time to sign up for the service.

The show was announced through Nintendo’s social media, with no unusual restrictions highlighted multiple times in the company’s publications. The only drawback to this offer is that “The free trial is available once per Nintendo accountSo you can’t subscribe, cancel, and repeat the process indefinitely to keep your subscription running until that trial period ends. You’ll also need to make sure auto-renew is turned off if you don’t plan to keep your membership or else you risk paying for it when you don’t intend to,” Nintendo said. .

As Nintendo points out in its ad post, you have two tempting options to try by simply redeeming your free trial if it’s your first time signing up or if you let your subscription lapse in the past. Nintendo Switch Sports Came out a while ago not terrible and It proved to be a lot of fun. The above demo for attackers Call Mario Strikers: Battle League: First Kick It’s only limited to Nintendo Switch online subscribers, but once you activate your free trial, you’ll be eligible for that as well.

In addition to the paid game library, Nintendo also includes some free old games in the Nintendo Switch Online catalog as a subscription feature. These games come from NES and Super NES as well as other third-party offerings, and while Nintendo 64 games are available with certain subscriptions online, don’t expect to play them through this free trial. In its announcement, Nintendo specified that “the free trial cannot be exchanged for a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership” and cannot be used to extend any existing membership for another seven days.

Nintendo hasn’t specified how long this deal will last, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can before it’s gone.

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