Nintendo Switch 15.0.1 system update is now available, here are the full patch notes

Photo: Nintendo

Nintendo just released a new firmware update for the Switch – bringing the system to version 15.0.1.

This one solves a few issues including one that caused an error code when playing DLC ​​on a console that isn’t your primary console. Also fixes an issue that prevented screenshots during some in-game scenes in select games. And as usual, it comes with general system stability improvements.

Here’s what’s included via the official Nintendo support page:

Version 15.0.1 (released October 31, 2022)

– Fixed an issue causing error code: 2181-1000 when playing DLC ​​from a console other than your primary console.

– Fixed an issue preventing screenshots during certain in-game scenes for some games.

– General system stability improvements to improve user experience.

Nintendo Dataminer oat dome Take a closer look at this latest update and it looks like the “bad word list” has been updated:

This update follows version 15.0.0, released earlier this month:

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