Nintendo Shares Sneak Peek at Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future DLC Waves

Photo: Nintendo

Modernization [Sat 15th Oct, 2022 05:45 BST]: Looks like data experts have revealed a first look at the upcoming new hero Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Wave 3 DLC Extension Pack. she was It is said I found Within the latest software update (version 1.2.0).

original article [Fri 14th Oct, 2022 03:00 BST]: Nintendo has just dropped Xenoblade Chronicles 3 The latest software update, and besides this, also provided a “peek” into what lies ahead in terms of the expansion’s expansion content.

Provided you have already finished with this downloadable content, you can look forward to the third and fourth wave in the near future. While no dates have been locked yet, a teaser is on the way. In Volume 3, players can look forward to meeting a new hero and a new face, and taking on some of the more difficult challenges.

For the fourth wave, there will be a new story scenario. Besides, we have another character outline:

“Take a peek at Wave 3 of the #XenobladeChronicles3 expansion card. You’ll meet a new hero and face new types of challenging battles. Looking ahead, Wave 4 will feature a new original story scenario.”

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Photo: Nintendo

The Nintendo website provides an outline of the future timeline for Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

DLC Wave 3

Release date: by 4/30/2023

This wave of DLC contains the following content:

  • Challenging battle mode against difficult enemies
  • New hero character and accompanying quests
  • New character clothes
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DLC Wave 4

Release date: By 31/12/2023

This wave of DLC contains the following content:

  • New original story script

Stay tuned for more details on the individual DLC waves.

Looking forward to volumes 3 and 4 of the expansion card? Tell us in the comments.

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