Nintendo reassures fans to add ‘more’ N64 games to Switch online

Photo: Nintendo Live

Last week, Nintendo surprised Switch Online Expansion Pack subscribers with its announcement pokemon puzzle leagueBut we are now at a point where we don’t know what will happen next. Even the Japan lineup is now complete with the release of the first two Custom Robo Toys.

This happened too some Fans are wondering how long Nintendo will continue to support the N64 Expansion Pack library. Fortunately, do not panic. Today the company released a message (via social media) – assuring fans that it will continue to deliver N64 games. Phew!

Tweet embed – More #Nintendo64 games will be added to the #NintendoSwitchOnline+ expansion pack. Stay tuned!

So, here it is – expect more N64 games in the future. As fast as Nintendo is currently releasing Nintendo 64 games at the moment, we can probably expect to see at least one game added to the N64 library per month. Regional variants could also continue into the future. A bit like a lot of this week’s releases.

What games would you like to add to the service in the near future? Do you have any better choices? Leave a comment below.

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