Nintendo offers free trials of Switch Online, if you’ve used one before (North America)

Switch owners located in North America can currently claim a free trial of the basic version of Switch Online. This offer is available to players in the US and Canada who have previously activated a free trial and do not currently have a subscription. If you are already a subscriber, this offer is not available to you.

This experience will give you access to Nintendo Switch games online, and will also allow you to play libraries NES and SNES gamesand take advantage of Save Data Cloud support. Keep in mind that the N64 and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games are part of the premium “Expansion Pack” category – so to get access to this content you just have to pay more.

Yesterday, Nintendo added three new games to its NES and SNES services. You can learn more in our previous story:

Will you take advantage of this free trial? Are you already a NSO subscriber? Leave a comment below.

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