Nintendo does not plan to announce a new voice actor for Mario before Wonder’s release

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has confirmed that Mario’s new voice actor will be revealed in the credits of the Super Mario Bros. game. Wonder and there will be no special ads prior to this version.

Speaking to IGN at Nintendo Live 2023, the president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, confirmed that there won’t be any name reveal until the game launches and also mentioned how there won’t be an official announcement before then. Here’s exactly what he had to say:

“We’ll let that happen and it’ll be in the credits, and people will know who the new person is at that time, but we don’t plan to make any pre-announcement about that.”

A previous statement from Nintendo asked fans to “please wait until the game is released” to learn about the new voice actors for “Mario and/or Luigi”.

Doug Bowser also mentioned how Charles seemed “very excited” about his new role and how Nintendo is looking forward to “continuing to represent” the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario moves forward.

Unfortunately, Martinet doesn’t seem to fully understand the new ambassador’s role himself – he recently mentioned at a conference that he’s not quite sure what it’s going to involve yet, and claimed he’ll learn this along with the fans.

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