Nicki Minaj Sued For ‘I Lied’, Allegedly Ripping The Hit, Nicki Minaj’s Sources Called BS


Nicki Minaj

Fouz sued ‘I lied’…

Sources say she never touched production!!!

A new lawsuit accuses Nicki Minaj Stealing the beat of her song “You Lied” from another artist… a scenario that sources close to Nicki say is impossible given that she didn’t handle the song’s production.

Mega Rapper and Producer Mike will make itis being sued by Julius Johnsonwho says that the music playing under Nicki’s vocals from “The Pinkprint” sounds like a carbon copy of a song he created years before he dropped “I Lied.”

However, Nicki’s sources tell us she wasn’t rehearsing percussion, saying, “Nicki is clearly a lyricist, so the allegation regarding production obviously needs to be addressed by the parties involved.”

As for those applicable limbs, it appears Mike Weil is the one who brought Nikki the beat.

As for the date, Johnson claims he posted his song called “onmysleeve” to YouTube in September 2011… 3 years before “I Lied” came out.

In the documents, Johnson claims he got a beat on a hard drive when he attended The Art Institute of Atlanta… and says that in 2013 the hard drive was taken from a studio session without his consent.

Johnson claims that Nicki and Mike’s partners Will Made It were at the Institute around the same time and he believes they somehow got their hands on the missing hard drive.

When Nicki released “I Lied” in December 2014, it clearly caught attention…and Johnson claimed that when he finally heard her song in 2022, he immediately recognized the similarity to its beat…and insisted that, aside from the lyrics, it’s a song Nicki has the same basic tools and excels on his own track.

He’s after Nicki and Mike Will Made It for the profits he made from his song…and he wants the judge to order them to stop using it or at least give him “I Lied” credit for his contribution.

A representative for Nikki had no comment.

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