Niantic is responding amid reports that Pokemon Go players can’t create paths within the game

published: 2023-07-21 T15:02:18

updated: 2023-07-21 T15:02:32

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is putting out an official response after some players still don’t have the ability to create lanes.

Pokemon Go recently announced a new Routes feature, which allows trainers to explore routes created by other players and earn rewards.

However, this feature has frustrated some Go players, as there have been reports of coaches being able to create new tracks.

Niantic has since provided an update for those who can’t create tracks.

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Pokemon Go players are getting a response from the Niantic on Routes feature

On July 20, Niantic confirmed details about Pokemon Go’s Routes feature. With Routes, trainers will have the ability to create a custom path in a real environment, publish it, and other players will then be able to explore it for rewards.

However, there was some confusion about putting up the tracks. Many players were able to access existing routes on Pokemon Go, while others were unable to create new ones.

The official Niantic Support Twitter account has responded to gamers who fall under the latter category. The Go developer stated on social media that while all players can explore routes, the ability to create new routes is “still a work in progress”. for coaches.

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It’s not hard to see the cause of the frustration. Yesterday, Niantic released the A to Zygarde Special Research quests for Pokemon Go players, a quest that requires players to take advantage of the new Routes feature to complete certain objectives.

But the problem is that there are many players on social media advertiser They can’t create a route, nor find a route posted in Pokemon Go. Thus, players were unable to receive the added boosts from the trails in the new Blaze New Trails event, and were effectively prevented from making progress in the Special Research.

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