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13 minutes Better than Newcastle, Willock wraps around Walker and … beats him fast? Do not modify your groups, this just happened. I know! Anyway, he bends to the left, then with Wilson inside the squares…but Jerman chooses not to let the ball pass with his right foot, wipes with his left hand and sees it fly wide.

11 minutes This was really excellent from Haaland, the world’s first lab-created soccer player. He’s doing some funny damage this season.

10 minutes Haaland holds up brilliantly, then turns, gives Willock a free back, and with the outside of his boot, De Bruyne bends from the inside to the right! He has to steer his run a little closer to the goal but he doesn’t, so when it’s time to pull the trigger, he doesn’t go too far in shooting and blocks Bob with his feet at the near post.

9 minutes “The song choice was spot on!” Michael Driscoll thinks.

The Kaiser’s chiefs are from Leeds
– The home team just ran around Chelsea
There may be riots at Old Trafford
Point discounts for… being funny and cool? “

I don’t have that Kaiser Chiefs – named as Lucas Radebe, if we’re making Leeds contact – right away. I don’t set the rules, but I stick to them.

8 minutes De Bruyne skips away from Guimaraes, who takes him to the lawn before protesting that it’s an obvious reservation as you see it.

7 minutes Eddie Howe would be very upset with the way all of this happened, but by and large, that’s what happens against City: the pressure to perform is intense, so players make mistakes they wouldn’t otherwise.

Goal! Newcastle United 0-1 Manchester City (Gondogan 5)

Gundogan starts to move inside half of City and moves forward, where Bernardo calms forward undisturbed. Then the cross took him out and had time to control it, get the ball from behind him, put it in the net, meaning this is an absolute embarrassment for the much-improved Newcastle defence.

very easy.  city ​​leadership.
very easy. city ​​leadership. Photograph: Scott Hippel/Reuters

4 minutes I first saw Rodri playing for Spain, I think, and he seemed like a serious talent at the time. But his improvement to become the best in the league is further evidence of Guardiola’s ability to pick the players he needs and then develop them, and Rodri’s foul streak. He’s not as fast as Fernandindo, but he’s totally arrogant.

4 minutes Now City builds, Haaland resigns and spins behind, while Rodri whips over the top.

2 minutes How often do teams score from a short corner kick? I would bet less, on average, from a corner kick sent into the box. At this point, I’m wondering if the data will insist that players stop shooting from free kicks, as that rarely results in a goal, and makes them cross or pass instead.

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2 minutes Newcastle do a short corner well, Guimarães finds Trippier, who Ederson collected a cross.

1 minute Yes, Jullinton Scholes distributes play to Trippier, deep into the City half as expected, and a cross-headed pass behind an early corner kick…

1 minute How do we go!

I don’t even like Mark Knopfler, But Local Hero should be the best live tune in the league.

Here comes the difference!

Niall Mullen emails “It’s just sad how easy it is for us humans to buy”. “I can only assume that if Putin buys my team and promises huge investments in the team, I will attend the next game in Ushanka claiming that Ukraine is in fact ethnically Russian.”

I think it makes sense – there is nothing better in life than the footballing glory of your team. What I find disturbing is the refusal to acknowledge the source of success, and the hostility has sent those whose job it is to point it out. None of them want to be that way, or resent the success of any club going beyond that.

I wrote about it – And about the city’s lack of savages – here.

“So the defense with the best combined defensive record in Premier League Last season which has not been waived after this season “lacks quality”, “ Ben Burrell says, citing me to myself. “I would like to hear how you define defensive quality dan!”

As with all Guardiola’s teams, City press from the front and maintain possession amazingly – the battle is much more about their defense than getting anything from them. This is the main reason why Guardiola won the Champions League with Messi and the greatest midfield ever – you can get rid of that locally, but in Europe you get caught in the end. Watch Liverpool, Tottenham, Lyon, Chelsea, Madrid – City have been the best team in Europe for about five years now, and not a single final has been a reasonable reflection of that. Defense is the reason.

Football titles: I mentioned earlier that Steve Bruce called Joelinton “Big Joe,” which reminded me that Sam Allardyce called Tel Ben Chaim “Ben,” meaning “son.” Any more than any more?

“If the men’s team is worthy of contempt,” emails to Em Jackson, “As for the way that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have invested in both sides to facilitate the sports washing of shady regimes (and NUFC with Saudi Arabia in particular – and with links to the Conservative Party supporting Robin Brothers even more), what is the news from the sports commentary about NUFC Women is now run, entirely, by NUFC owners? Is equality in sport a chance of being as bad as the men’s side: ownership? Or should women have said ‘No, until women in Saudi Arabia are freed from exercising democratic choices and freedoms?’ “

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This is football. There should always be enough disdain to go.

Fast Edward says gameplay is the “ultimate test” – with “for me” clearly added. His team has to be the best version of themselves, and in that respect they won’t be deep down. Well, that’s the plan, but he knows the way the game can go, and it can happen whether you want to or not. But he doesn’t want to give the rowers too much time on the ball, knows his team has players who can hurt City, and by showing intent to win the game, the players can engage the fans.

Guardiola is usually emotional when asked about his selection, saying there is a place for Sergio Gomez because Jack Grealish is injured. He knows Newcastle are always tough, so his team will have to show how great they are and how much they understand football. He was also surprised that his team started the season in such a decent way that they had such a short pre-season – at least he says it is.

at any point, I was expecting to see Kieran Trippier brave in attack for this reason.

As with every team that must play for City, winning them is nauseating because close to 30% possession must be taken, most of which are not in dangerous areas. But every team that plays for City also has the opportunity, if they can get enough decent ball, to have a word with a defense that lacks durability and quality. The defenders are clearly excellent, but Joao Cancelo’s license to attack means space behind, while the defenders are decent but not among the best, and both can be controlled physically. I was expecting Callum Wilson to try to install them, but he would need a decent service from the outside – I’m already wondering, that’s why Fraser might have been chosen before Almiron, had he been decent.

Full time at Elland Road, they ran I Predict A Riot. I’ll get points for that, QuickSmart.

I expect points deduction.
I expect points deduction. Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

The final whistle ended – Leeds are now second in the table and Chelsea in 12th – And at the London Stadium – O The London Stadium – where Brighton beat West Ham 2-0. Brighton occupies fourth place, bottom of West Ham.

They are playing in stoppage time at Elland Road, with Leeds still holding a 3-0 lead over Chelsea, For more fun, Kalidou Koulibaly was sent off for a second, wholly unnecessary foul.

None of these changes can be understood, and before I gently ask them, yes, I know chances are, Josep Guardiola knows more about football than I do. However, with City’s defense still their weak point, I’m surprised he’s not trying to compromise a center back partnership that plays every week. And despite Bernardo’s brilliance, I’m a little surprised he’s on the wing, where his lack of speed can be an issue, compared to midfield, where he’s at his best.

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As for City, John Stones and Nathan Akee are in the back. Which means no Robin Dias, while in attack, Bernardo Silva starts ahead of Riyad Mahrez.

Newcastle has not changed after last weekend’s goalless draw with Brighton, But even though Matt Targett isn’t fit enough for the pick, Ryan Fraser and Emile Kraft make the bench.

our difference

Newcastle United (Haoyan, Hawaiian 4-3-3): Pope; Trippier, Shar; Putman, Berne; Guimarães, Julinton, Willox; Almiron, Wilson, Saint-Maximin. Subs: Dubravka, Lascelles, Ritchie, Kraft, Wood, Fraser, Murphy, Anderson, Longstaff.

Manchester City (more formal 4-3-3): Ederson. Walker, Stones; Aki, Cancelo; Rodri, Gundogan, De Bruyne; Bernardo Silva, Haaland, Foden. Subs: Ortega, Dias, Phillips, Alvarez, Gomez, Mahrez, overnight, Palmer, Luis.

Rule: Jared Gillette (Gold Coast)

The most important things first: Leeds crush Chelsea 3-0, 18 minutes ago and the change remains.


Given a world in flux, it is surprisingly easy to assume a state of permanence with respect to things that are necessarily changeable. Whether we think of summer, love, or football, once we plunge into a rhythm — hot days, disappointing nights, predictable results — it can seem like things will never change.

that’s it Manchester. England’s champions in four of the past five seasons have won 11 and drawn three of their last 14 league games – and in that time also added Erling Haaland, making the prospect of them failing to win a game very remote. . We must never forget that all this is an attachment to the wealth of the state, but nevertheless it seems like a state of permanence.

Of course, sports and football are rarely this way – City were once where Newcastle are now, and were funded by some of the planet’s most famous influencers for the fun of the simple game. But things have changed since then. Where City have achieved a free run with brilliant players like David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure and rivals, at Man United, whose owners have prioritized silver over trophies, there are now fair financial rules that make it difficult to penetrate the elite, and CEOs whose personal interests largely coincide. with the interests of their clubs.

This does not mean that Newcastle has not improved much over the past period; they have. Bruno Guimarães is a good player, much better than anyone they expected to sign at this point; Joelinton, or Big Joe as Steve Bruce liked to call him, was an inspiration in midfield. The defense now looks like a defense.

Everything is very nice, but causing problems for City will take much more than what we have seen from Newcastle iterations. They are capable – if they find the level they reached at dismantling Arsenal at the end of last season, they can hurt City – but anything less, and they stand for it.

Kick-off: 4.30pm GMT

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