New York Jets QB Zach Wilson, starts against Pittsburgh Steelers

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ – After sitting out the first three games with a pre-season knee injury, quarterback Zach Wilson New York coach Robert Saleh announced today, Wednesday, that he has obtained medical clearance, and will start next Sunday for the New York Jets.

Wilson, who has trained on a limited basis for the past two weeks, is expected to take a full load of training reps as he prepares for a comeback — a road match against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Saleh was optimistic that would be the outcome, pending confirmation from Wilson’s Los Angeles-based doctor.

Saleh said Wilson would start “definitely,” assuming he would spend the week training.

“He’s very relaxed,” Saleh said. “He’s in a great mental state. Everyone is comfortable with who he is physically.”

The former BYU star, who was drafted into second place in 2021, tore his meniscus and suffered a bruised bone in a non-contact game in his first pre-season game. On August 16, he underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in Los Angeles, performed by Dr. Neil Al-Atrash.

Initially, it was considered a two- to four-week recovery, but the Jets announced on September 7 – four days before opening – that Wilson would return for the fourth week at the earliest.

The planes went 1-2 during Wilson’s absence, with Joe Flacco He led them to a stunning victory over the Cleveland Browns in Week Two. Flacco ranks fifth in passing yards (901), but has only led the attack to five times in three games, including two in the 1:22 final from the Cleveland Prodigy.

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“It’s exciting to bring him back there,” Saleh said. “But at the same time, it’s not about Zach. It’s about making sure we do all the procedures.”

Wilson returns to the unit, which struggled to protect passers-by – allowing for nine sacks. Left Handle George Fant (Knee) was put on the injured back up Tuesday, which means he’s back to his career Conor McDermott You will likely get a nod in place. McDermott, who was re-signed after being cut at the end of preseason, struggled hard last week in a 27-12 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Salih said the precarious situation in treatment did not cause any hesitation in returning to Wilson.

“His knee is 100 percent,” Saleh said. “In terms of interventions, we have all the confidence in the world in the people we have. Max [Mitchell] He plays really well, and McDermott has played a lot of good football.”

Jets face Pittsburgh’s defense known for its peculiar pressure packs, but it wouldn’t be the same without elite passes TJ Watt (torn pectoralis muscle), who was placed in IR on Sept. 15. The Steelers were 0-6 without watts, dating back to the junior season in 2017.

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