Nathaniel Hackett: “Rumors” Russell Wilson lost people in the dressing room

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quarterback Russell WilsonHe bonded with his Broncos teammates during last Sunday’s loss to the Panthers when he was a defensive lineman. Mike Purcell He is seen yelling at Wilson during a change of possession.

Purcell didn’t seem to say anything too friendly with Wilson, but both players said the defensive line was trying Spark availability Another losing effort. Two reports followed also dealing with how well Wilson got along with others in the locker room.

Nobody pointed it out About half of the team I attended Wilson’s birthday party this week and NFL media’s Tom Bellisero reported that his quarterback has “Some people lost In the locker room.” The latest report led to coach Nathaniel Hackett asking a question at Wednesday’s press conference and Hackett refusing it.

“For me, it is All gossipHackett said, via’s Nick Cosminder. “We have a great locker room. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard and try to embrace a team like him.”

Wilson’s work doesn’t mean the team will embrace him again, especially during a lost season in which Wilson, Hackett, and the team in general became the butt of jokes around the league. How it all affects the team’s trajectory for 2023 will be a leading story in the offseason.

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