NASA is giving people the chance to name their names around the moon on the upcoming Artemis 1 mission

Artist’s illustration shows the Orion spacecraft leaping to the moon on the Artemis 1 mission.NASA

  • NASA invites people to spread their names around the moon.

  • The names will be saved on a flash drive, which will be transferred aboard the Orion capsule.

  • The show is free and participants will receive a virtual boarding pass.

NASA gives people a chance Their name flies around the moon On an upcoming assignment later this year.

Their names will be saved on a flash drive, and they will be flown into space aboard the agency’s Orion capsule, as part of the Artemis 1 mission.

According to NASA, no payments are required to be made to the participants.

Upon registration, participants will receive a virtual boarding pass showing their name and space flight details.

“We are preparing for it # Artemis NASA said in tweet.

The Artemis 1 mission will be the first uncrewed test flight to get past the moon before returning to Earth, testing technology that will carry humans into the future.

Through the Artemis program, the agency hopes to return humans to the Moon as part of a long-term goal for a sustainable presence on the Moon.

“The flight paves the way towards the landing of the first woman and first person of color on the Moon!” agency said.

The historic launch will take place at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. No specific date has been set for the trip yet but it is expected to take place “no later than March 2022”.

It was originally scheduled for November 2021 but encountered several delays. Then the date was pushed to February But he was late again. This was because an agency He wanted “additional time to complete shutdown activities within the vehicle group before the launch of the integrated rocket and spacecraft for the first time.”

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NASA said the mission is meant to demonstrate its commitment and ability to expand human presence to the moon and beyond.

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