MW3 players discover the strategy that makes Infectious Holiday impossible to win

Shane Black

MW3 players have discovered a new strategy in the game's limited-time Infectious Holiday mode that makes it difficult to beat.

The game's latest holiday event brought a lot of fun game modes to jump into, including an old favorite: Infection.

This version of Infectious, called Infectious Holiday, sees one player trying to kill other players in the lobby and infect them.

Although the game does not have a competitive mode, some players have discovered a strategy spread throughout the game that makes it very difficult for the infected to win.

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MW3 players have formed a near-perfect strategy

The strategy has started spreading across social media, and it's fairly simple: All uninfected players find a small room to hole up in, and plant all of their clays facing the door.

This means that any helpless infected person who comes through the door will face a massive explosion. All non-infected players wear a reindeer mask with its tongue sticking out, which adds to the humor.

the Community on Reddit Because MW3 laughs at the new strategy, while also debating whether or not it's workable.

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One user responded to the screenshot, saying: “Can't one snowball set this all on fire?”

Their question refers to the Infected being able to throw snowballs instead of grenades in the game mode.

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other players We believe that the clumps of clay are spread out enough that they are not released at the same time, and that the snowballs are not large enough to be blown away.

However, for the most part, everyone enjoys the silliness of a group of reindeer hiding in one room together, with another user saying: “The fact that it's all reindeer in it makes it ten times funnier.”

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It's not hard to find something silly in MW3 when players are given these masks to wear.

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