MW3 players are demanding solutions as cheaters continue to plague matches

John Esposito

The cheating epidemic in MW3 has gradually worsened, and players are thinking of ways to combat the cheater epidemic.

In an effort to combat cheaters in all modes, Activision unveiled Ricochet in 2021, an all-new anti-cheat system.

Two years later, it seems that anti-cheat software is on the rise, with both MW3 and Warzone suffering from an abundance of cheaters. It has gotten to the point that some Players cannot know if others are They blatantly cheat or are just good at the game.

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After an official update posted that more than 23,000 accounts have been banned, MW3 players have taken it upon themselves to consider additional measures to combat cheaters.

CoD players are brainstorming ways to combat cheater issues in MW3

after Which reflects the case of MW3With 23,000 accounts banned since mid-November, MW3 players sat down to think about what they could do to combat cheaters.

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The top comment read: “For the ranking, they should consider making it only available after reaching level 100+ to prevent new accounts from being hacked after the ban.” Similar systems like this exist in Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege, preventing players from playing until they reach basic account requirements.

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On the other hand, some have praised the anti-cheat that appears to “learn”, unless programmed correctly. Others criticized the removal or discontinuation of the cross-play toggle. Aside from that, the conversation has turned to claims of a 'skill issue' once again given that player confidence is at an all-time low.

On the one hand, banning 23,000 accounts seems like a good start. However, if you take into account MW3's free weekend during December, it seems like just a drop in the bucket for cheaters.

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While Ricochet is developing rapidly, many players feel that the cheater issue in MW3 and Warzone is getting out of hand. Stay tuned as more news emerges and the number of banned cheaters in the game may increase.

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