MrBeast is facing criticism after donating 20,000 pairs of shoes to South African children

Mr. Best is under fire again. This time, because the YouTube star has given shoes to 20,000 South African children.

MrBeast explained in video Posted on Wednesday.

He went on to explain that many children in South Africa have to walk barefoot for miles over rough terrain, broken glass and polluted water to get to school.

MrBeast has collaborated with a charity called Johannesburg Bare feet no more. The nonprofit makes the shoes “from an innovative material designed for durability, comfort, and flexibility.” The shoes are also waterproof and stretch to fit the growing foot.

Once he had the shoes, MrBeast traveled to Cape Town to “find the schools whose students were most in need of help”. He then gave away 20,000 pairs of Barefoot No More shoes to South African students.

This isn’t the social media star’s first philanthropic effort. Earlier this year, he funded cataract surgery for 1,000 people suffering from blindness — an act he called “satanic,” according to Deseret News.

In 2020, MrBeast said that it is planned to “use the influence of my main channel to one day open hundreds of homeless shelters/food banks and donate all the money”.

“This is my plan, and if you don’t believe me, just watch. I promise I am dying I have no dollars in my bank account and I refuse to live a materialistic life,” he wrote in a follow-up. tweet.

To live up to his claims, MrBeast has created a channel called BeastPhilanthropy He posts videos of his charitable efforts, some of which include: saving an orphanage, building wells in Africa, cleaning up the ocean, and rebuilding homes destroyed by hurricanes.

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Why is MrBeast facing shoe donation backlash?

Fans are criticizing the YouTube star as they claim he is making money from his videos. One fan described his shoe donation as a “millionaire gang.”

Some fans support Mr. Beast’s charitable work

Loyal MrBeast fans have shared their support for the YouTuber’s charitable efforts.

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