More than 400 flights were delayed, canceled at PHL airport due to weather

Philadelphia (CBS) – Severe weather in the Delaware Valley Elsewhere, it causes problems at Philadelphia International Airport.

According to FlightAware, there were more than 400 delays and cancellations in the PHL on Sunday.

“I’m really, really upset,” said Bill Wood, from Miami.

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Wood came to visit his grandkids on the Jersey Shore this weekend. But now he’s having trouble getting back home to Miami.

“They canceled our flight and we were able to rebook my wife on one flight to Miami and book me another, but tomorrow it’s late in the day. No hotel rooms available. There were no rental cars available,” Wood said. .

Frustration builds as passengers scramble to adjust their travel plans.

“We’re flying to Florida and the weather is really bad and there are thunderstorms in Florida and here, which makes it difficult for flights to take off and land,” said Ariana Grant, of Winncott.

According to FlightAware, PHL had more delays and cancellations than any other airport in the country on Sunday.

American Airlines has been hit particularly hard. We spotted a long line at the customer service.

“We received a notice from American Airlines last night that our flight could be affected because we originally had a flight at 8:55 p.m. So they recommended rebooking at that time and were waiving the rebooking fee,” Charlotte’s Ariane Wilamowski said. .

Grant travels to Jacksonville to receive treatment for an illness. But her flight was delayed.

“I’m feeling a bit frustrated and anxious just because I’m going to Florida to go to a hospital — called the Mayo Clinic — to get help,” Grant said. “So I need to get there in time.”

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Adam Degenhard is trying to get home to San Diego, but his flight on Saturday was delayed by several hours. He missed his relationship.

“I was rebooked on a different flight today, so I had to stay the night, but that flight was also canceled,” Degenhardt said.

Airlines encourage passengers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

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