More than 100,000 people currently play the Steam game where you click a banana

Steam is home to some absolutely fantastic games – everything from psychological horror to great pet simulators. It is also home to a game simply called banana.

“What exactly is a banana?” I hear you asking. Well, it’s a free-to-play game where you can’t do anything more than tap on the banana picture, where a counter records the number of times you’ve tapped on it.

However, despite this simple concept, there are over 100,000 people currently playing Banana.

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At the time of writing, 137,817 Steam users have tapped a banana on the screen (or at least opened the game).

To compare that, there are currently 42,521 people playing Helldivers 2, Ghost of Tsushima has 23,511 current players, and Hellblade 2 has 199 players. Even with Banana being a free-to-download game, it’s still great to see those numbers… so, of course I had to give it a try.

Ladies and gentlemen, Banana became the first game in which I was able to achieve all the achievements. I thought it was because I tapped the banana 100 times, which gave me the “click” badge, but after digging further, I was able to unlock this achievement after opening the game for 1 minute, so I may have just happened to tap 100 after that. 60 seconds.

Surely there must be more to bananas than that? Even though I achieved my accomplishment, I kept clicking. I had a hunch something would happen when I hit 1000 clicks.

997, 998, 999… The moment of truth has arrived. I clicked again and… nothing happened. The banana stayed on my screen as it had been since the beginning.

Image credit: Aladdin66/Eurogamer

Despite this seemingly benign game, further research led me to… Other than bananasAnd revealing that this game is not just an idle hobby. It’s actually a game that allows players to collect bananas to sell on the Steam marketplace, increasing their Steam wallet balance.

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Some bananas in the market go for pennies ( Banana pandanana Currently available at 3p), but others are selling for a much higher price. there Banana cryptonana Currently available from £254.52. There appear to be only 25 of these bananas in existence.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t any suspicious blockchain-related situation going on with the whole Banana movement, but it’s certainly not what I was expecting to happen this afternoon. I think every one of them.

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