Morbius returns to theaters and flops, as he should

Jared Leto as the vampire form of Morbius, in the movie of the same name.

picture: Sony Pictures / Marvel

Sony and Marvel Morbius It’s become an internet meme over the past few weeks, and for the most part, they’ve been hilarious. Seeing this, Sony came to the conclusion from relaunch Jared Leto A movie this weekend hoping all the idiots on the internet will do Translate to bigger ticket window. And if you’re among those wondering if the joke went too far and we’ve been making fun of ourselves on file Morbius 2, SomehowLet this be good news to calm your fears.

To be very frank about it: the movie was blown up Difficult On his first day in the cinemas. according to Forbes Scott Mendelson, Morbius Friday’s revenue came in at just $85,000, bringing in $73.6 million domestically. Saturday’s earnings haven’t been revealed at the time of writing, but the odds aren’t entirely in her favor. All those jokes were just an idea Morbius Instead of the movie itself, something Sony learned the hard way. they Trying to get into the joke not only backfired, it blew up in such a way that even Michael Bay found himself admiring the utterly dumb spectacle of it all.

thing about him Morbius And his rise to the meme is that it all took off because no one had much faith in the movie at first. We’re all pretty aware that Sony is basically throwing darts at the wall to see what people want to see with the Spider-Man support team, and it’s basically I rode off the jump because they inevitably have to clean their shoulders or acknowledge the head of the teen Web in question. Tom Hardy poison Movies You have enough to make you temporarily forget that he might ever try to devour Tom Holland’s Spidey, but that’s only because comics He spent years endowing the character with his own strange and bizarre legends in hopes of giving future films enough substance to avoid having to cut a deal with a Holland agent.. while, other characters like Morbius, CravenAnd the Madame Web They have not yet been given a real and consistent opportunity to distance themselves from the amazing spider in the source material.

Yes, Sony has had very good luck with poison And the Miles Morales spider verse movies, but both characters were really strong, Built-in fan bases to begin with, not to mention what each of his films strives to achieve. The spider verse The films have a unique animation style and real seriousness All other shameful superhero content, and poison Does Tom Hardy talk to himself and get hit by a negative AGgressive gOh beast. Morbius She doesn’t have either, and she couldn’t even make the most of her lead actor being a musician. Say what you want about him poison At least I managed to summon a cheesy song to play Above the ending headings that end with you later Spotify for longer than you want to admit.

RIP in Morbius, Morbius. You died as you live, a joke that I realized in hindsight that you were yourself.

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