Monte Kuzna: Seven people were killed in a helicopter crash in Italy

According to the National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps (CNSAS), five bodies were initially found, but the bodies of two others aboard were later found Saturday.

“The helicopter, which has been missing since Thursday, June 9, took off from Luca airport with seven passengers and was found today on Mount Kuzna, completely destroyed,” the Italian National Air Defense Agency said in a statement.

The remains were found in Monte Kuzna in the Abyssinia, north of Emilia-Romagna, a few kilometers from Tuscany.

After 3pm local time (9am ET), CNSAS tweeted that unfortunately no survivors were available.

The victims were a pilot and six passengers from the Veneto area, four Turks and two Lebanese who were on a business trip to Italy. Official confirmation was provided by the province of Modena, CNN’s subsidiary SkyTg24 said Saturday.

SkyTg24 reports that the helicopter crashed into the bed of the Lama stream at Passo degli Scaloni, 1,922 meters above sea level.

Italy’s national aviation security agency said Saturday it had opened an investigation into the crash involving the A119 Cola helicopter and sent an investigator.

Rescue operations were carried out by CNSAS, the Italian fire brigade and Italian police and air force personnel.

“We got some coordinates, we went to that place and saw that everything was burned. The helicopter is in a valley, near a stream, we are trying to bring all the rescue teams to the cattle because it is hard to get there. With the winch there,” the Italian Air Force’s verified Twitter profile. In the video released, a soldier said earlier Saturday.

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