Monster star Vijay says he is ‘a staunch believer in God’: ‘I go to church, temple, dargah’

Tamil star Vijay awaiting release The latest monster movie This week, a rare TV interview on Sunday. The interview was broadcast on Sun TV, whose film was funded by Sun Picture. The interview was conducted by Nelson Dilipkumar, Director of Best. The interview created a lot of noise considering that Vijay He has stayed away from media interactions for over a decade now.

“Why don’t you give media interviews. Is your schedule full?” asked Nelson. “No it’s not like that. I have free time for interviews but things didn’t go well. I’m thinking about 10 years ago, I had an interview. I felt my words were misinterpreted in that interview. I wasn’t happy. Even my family members asked why I spoke with such arrogance.” Then I had to call the person in question and explain that I didn’t mean it like that. I can’t keep doing it to everyone all the time right. Vijay explained, so I stay away from interviews.

Besides, Vijay is one of the three stars of Tamil cinema Rajinikanth And Ajith Kumar, who rarely promotes his films. These stars have developed like Strong fan base all over the world That people appear in theaters without much persuasion. There is a lot of anticipation around the soundtrack job for his upcoming films, and it is one of the rare events he is involved in. To the disappointment of fans, Sun Pictures did not hold the music launch event for Beast. The reason for the decision is not clear. Neither Nelson nor Vijay discussed the reason during the interview.

Vijay’s TV interview was arranged to soften that blow to the fans. However, unlike the events of the soundtrack version, where Vijay usually lets out his hair and surprises fans with impromptu dance moves, squiggly lines, jokes, and short anecdotes, the star sounded more conservative than usual. While Nelson had done most of the talking, Vijay’s praise of the former, disguised as questions, reacted with his trademark humility and sternness.

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“Even my family keeps complaining that they can’t tell if I like something based on my facial expressions. I also get angry sometimes but I don’t react. I think most of our problems come from decisions we make out of anger or hatred,” said Vijay (my policy) Take it simple and make it easy.It is worth noting that while promoting Villu (2009), in a rare public outburst, Vijay lost his temper during a press interview leaving everyone dumbfounded.

To his credit, Nelson has asked some important questions touching on various aspects of Vijay’s life, including his relationship with his father, director SA Chandrasekhar. “The only difference between God and Father is that we cannot see God but we can see our father,” said Vijay, stressing that he remains a devoted son even though their relationship has reached a difficult stage recently.

Vijay also discussed his religious beliefs when Nelson mentioned that he frequented the church while filming in Georgia. I am a firm believer. I go to church, I went to temples and Amin Bir Darga while filming Thuppakki. I felt a divine feeling all around. My mom is Hindu and my dad is Christian. They both fell in love and got married. I grew up in a home that never restricted me as to where I should or shouldn’t go. I also teach my kids the same thing.

Vijay revealed that he would very much like to see his son Jason Sanjay follow in his footsteps. However, he also indicated that he would not pressure his son to join the film industry if he did not want to. “Premam director Alphonse Butherin once asked to see me. I also made an appointment thinking he would give me a story. But he came to tell the story to Sanjay. It was a nice boy-next-door type movie. I secretly wanted Sanjay to say yes to the movie. But he said he wanted two more years. And I wasn’t forced.”

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Nelson also asked about Vijay’s plans to join active politics. While Vijay has not kept any secrets about his political aspirations, he has not set a timeline for his first political debut yet. Apparently he borrowed superstar Rajinikanth’s more than two-decade-old response to the “would you/won’t you” question and replaced God with fans. Rajinikanth has always claimed that he will join politics, “Inshallah”. Vijay said, “Today my fans want me to be Thalapathi (movie star). If tomorrow they want me to be Thalevan (leader), so be it.”

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