Modern Warfare 3 is pulling the hated “Groot” skin for now

The Gaia skin (Groot) stands in the middle of what appears to be the back of a helicopter, with another soldier loitering in the background.

picture: Activision

Controversial skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III It is scheduled to be withdrawn after that Society’s backlash to visual issues With purchasable cosmetics.

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Earlier this month, Modern Warfare III Players have expressed frustration with the skin that was first introduced in 2022 Modern Warfare II. The Gaia skin, an unlockable cosmetic for operator Nila “Nova” Brown, has been dubbed “literally invisible” due to its colors and textures, all of which look eerily similar to a walking Marvel tree man (hence the nickname “Groot”). After players begged developer Sledgehammer Games to remove the skin on X (formerly Twitter), Reddit, and elsewhere, the studio answered the call, announcing during November 19 Reddit AMA The next update will temporarily remove cosmetics.

“Modifications for Gaia and Gaia Blackcell Operator Skins are in preparation Modern Warfare III,”studio He said In response to a fan. “In a future game update, we will disable this item until the mentioned changes are released to all players.”

It’s unclear how Sledgehammer Games intends to rework Groot’s appearance (or when a “future” update will occur), but we can safely assume that the team will make him more visible in-game. Currently, it’s difficult to spot someone wearing the skin in a match thanks to its brown, green, and red color palette, and its translucent, branch-like tips. Gaia’s colors and texture make it especially difficult to see in the most blurry and dull places Modern Warfare III Maps, of which there are many. As such, its existence led to the presence of many within it Society named him As “broken” and “pay to win”.

Kotaku Activision has reached out for comment.

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Groot’s skin isn’t the only problem Modern Warfare III Players have with the game. Next to whom? Its short campaign mostly sucksThe game was on fire because of her Abyssal spawn locations (which is referred to as “”Death pits” and temporarily removed) and people are once again debating the merits of skill-based matchmaking. Yawn.

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