Modern Warfare 3 haters are attacking the wrong game

We might agree thatModern Warfare III“It’s a bad name for a new brand Call of duty Game. It doesn’t help the 2011 first-person shooter Modern Warfare 3 He is, to this day, Fan favorite title In the Endless War series, during the reboot of the series Modern Warfare IIIwhich will officially be released on November 10, has been reeling in its status The Early Access period is soulless. Games have good cop, bad cop going on; Apparently, neither is distinct enough to prevent angry fans from reviewing the wrong bombing.

Even after community members, such as popular cod Twitter account WarzoneIntelHe indicated that MWIII (2023) Haters were unintentionally downgrading ratings of their loved ones MW3 (2011) shortly after the first early access period began On November 2ndPeople still can’t tell the difference. every hour, MW3‘s Public opinions on Google It is inundated with contemporary one-star vitriol.

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“The comments here seem to be a mix of people reviewing MW3 (2011) and MW3 (2023, that page is already dedicated),” says one notable comment, apparently missing the brief description of the game that Google provides alongside the reviews — “Call of duty modern warfare 3 It is a first-person shooter video game released in 2011.

“In short, the game is terrible, the whole thing is lazy, and it’s all recycled and half-baked,” the popular fan review continues.

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“All these 5-star reviews must be fake and paid for,” another comment says, ignoring the outdated timestamps on many of the 5-star reviews. “This has to be the worst campaign ever created by Call of Duty.”

Although it was misplaced anger, its content –cod It’s boring, exploitative, etc. – reminds me a lot of 2011 MW3Initial audience reviews. While that game Metacritic Reviews Likewise they take hits for MWIIIwhich receives a new round of low reviews daily (“This game is ruined for me,” declares a November 5 review, “I will never buy Call of Duty again), and a significant portion of the negative reviews are about 10 years old.

MW3 It offers absolutely no initiative to advance progress [Activison’s] “Better game,” says someone from 2012. “That’s why it’s really the same game.” Some things never change.

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