Millie Bobby Brown said the Duffers came out to get Noah Schnapp

  • Millie Bobby Brown couldn’t honestly say that Noah Schnapp looked good with a bowl cut.
  • Schnapp wore the style on all four seasons of “Stranger Things,” though he was asked to change.
  • Brown said Schnapp has “put himself in this position” when it comes to stumbling with the cut.

Millie Bobby Brown said Stranger Things creators Matt Dover and Ross Dover were out to get her actor Noah Schnapp “every day,” dodging questions about whether she thought his story on the show looked good.

While Take a Vanity Fair Lie Detector Testbrouwn Answer the questions About the popular Netflix series and other aspects of her life. When it came to Schnapp’s haircut, she was a rebel.

“Does someone’s best friend ever let me have this story?” asked the interviewer, slipping a picture of Schnapp in Season 4 of “Stranger Things” before her.

“He put himself in that position,” Brown replied.

When asked if she thinks the Duffer Brothers “go out to get” Schnapp, Brown answered “every day.”

Brown plays Eleven on Stranger Things, the supernatural series that catapulted her to global stardom.

Schnapp plays Will Byers, Eleven’s friend and one of the characters on the show who has experienced the most ordeals. In the show’s first season, he is kidnapped by a monster to The Upside Down, a dangerous alternate dimension; Later in the series, Eleven and his best friend Mike Wheeler – who also loves Will, watch According to Schnapp – We meet. The Duffer Brothers even admitted that they forgot to celebrate Will’s birthday on the show’s fourth season.

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And of course, throughout all four seasons of the show, he’ll cut a bowl despite the fact that Schnapp has asked “many times” the Duffer Brothers to change it.

As he said from insideHowever, the series’ creators are “very loyal” to the haircut and told him it was “of the times”, as befits the show’s ’80s setting.

Brown said she thinks Schnapp “looks cool,” but when the interviewer asked her to say he specifically looks good with the haircut, she couldn’t do without lying.

“Get the picture out of here,” she said.

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