Microsoft is pulling the $1 Xbox Game Pass trial just days before Starfield’s release date

Microsoft removed the $1 / £1 Xbox Game Pass trial, just days before the launch of Starfield.

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed that it would put an end to the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate monthly trial, but after a subscription price hike, the $1 trial is back in the form of a 14-day period.

XGP Spotted the removal of the 14-day trial from Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription page. This 14-day trial was the only trial option left after Microsoft slashed Game Pass’s full-month $1 trial earlier in August. IGN has asked Microsoft for comment.

This means those hoping to jump into Game Pass just to play Bethesda’s space role-playing game will now have to shell out $9.99 / £7.99 for a month on PC, $10.99 / £8.99 for a month on Xbox, or $16.99 US / £12.99 for 1 month Ultimate device, if you sign up through the Microsoft website. Check out IGN’s guide on how to avoid Xbox Game Pass price hikes if you want to save money.

While Microsoft has quietly pulled the Game Pass experience, it’s an unsurprising move given the imminent launch of the high-profile and commercially important Starfield. Microsoft has a lot of advantages in the game, which is expected to boost Game Pass subscribers significantly. And by getting rid of the $1 trial, Microsoft is also boosting Game Pass revenue.

starfield Releases globally on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 1st. in the meantime, Check out our exclusive interview with director Todd Howard.

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