Microsoft is making a custom Bluey Xbox for the launch of Bluey: The Video Game

Bluey: The Video Gamebased on the hit Australian children’s animated show bluish, Arrives Friday. This is good news for parents and relatives looking for a new video game for young children to play. The bad news is that Bluey: The Video Game It heralded the creation of a Bluey-themed Xbox Series

Yes, unfortunately, this adorable cartoon dog game console is one of the specially designed game consoles.

Microsoft is giving away the Bluey Xbox and controller as part of a sweepstakes, something the Xbox maker likes to do when it comes to highly sought-after items like pizza-scented controllers or furry Sonic and Knuckles controllers. For a chance to get a Bluey Xbox, you’ll need to follow along Xbox on X, the social networking site formerly known as Twitter, and retweeted the company’s sweepstakes tweet. However, doing so will only spread awareness of the Bluey Xbox to a wider audience of desperate people bluish Fans and parents. Hopefully no young children will see the tweet.

You have until December 13 to retweet, which means there’s a very small chance that if you win, could Get a Bluey Xbox by Christmas. But the odds are stacked heavily against you. For official contest rules, head to the Xbox website for more details.

Bluey: The Video Game Launched on November 17, it is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. It costs $39.99. bluish, the TV show, is available to stream on Disney Plus, and even if you think you’re not the right audience for it, you should absolutely check it out. And you should read about bluish The episode that Disney refuses to air.

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