Micron’s roadmap lists 24GB/36GB/s GDDR7 memory arriving in late 2026 and 2TB/s HBM4E memory in 2028.

Micron’s HBM4E memory in 2028

The company has laid out the blueprints for its next innovation in the field of memory.

Micron has many plans for the next few years regarding memory technology. These new technologies will improve the gaming and data center markets even further. The new roadmap reveals new products like HBM4E memory that had not been discussed before and reiterates Micron’s plans for the gaming market. Furthermore, there is a reference to a 256GB DDR5-12800 memory chipset based on the MCR DIMM design.

Tom’s devices Micron has released an official roadmap detailing developments in high-bandwidth memory (HBM) over recent years. Significant progress has been made, with increasingly powerful units becoming available almost every year. In early 2024, the initial release of 24GB 8-stacks HBM3e is expected, followed by the arrival of 36GB 12-stacks modules expected in 2025.

Furthermore, there is already mention of HBM4 and its successor called HBM4e. The first generation will focus on enabling 12 and 16 stacks with capacities ranging from 36GB to 48GB. This memory will also see an increase in bandwidth from 1.2 TB/s for HBM3e to 1.5 GB/s. This memory will drive HPC accelerators 2026-2027. In 2028, Micron is supposed to unveil its 12- and 16-group HBM4E memories. This memory will see an increase in capacity to 48 to 64GB per pack. Moreover, the bandwidth will reach 2TB/s.

Micron Memory Roadmap, Source: Micron Devices/Tom

GDDR gaming memory is set for an upgrade with the introduction of GDDR7 technology in late 2024. The initial release of GDDR7 chips is expected to increase bandwidth to 32 Gbps, along with the introduction of new 24 Gigabit (3GB) modules. This advancement will lead to more complex memory configuration on consumer graphics cards. After this initial launch, higher-bandwidth GDDR7 memory of 36 Gbps is expected to shape the gaming GPU market in 2027 and 2028.

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Micron’s roadmap, as highlighted by Tom’s Hardware, calls for the introduction of MCRDIMM (Multiplexer Combined Ranks DIMM) memory in 2025, featuring large capacities of 128-256GB and an impressive transfer speed of 8800 MT/s. The next few years will be spent trying to increase bandwidth, which is expected to reach 12,800 metric tons/s around 2026/2027.

source: Tom’s devices

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