Mick Schumacher’s car splits in two in major crash at Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo – Mick Schumacher walked away unscathed from a major crash at the Monaco Grand Prix that prompted the event’s second red flag.

Heavy rain just before the scheduled start delayed the race by 70 minutes and eventually started the race on the drying track.

The drivers had just completed the switch from full and medium wet tires to dry tires when Schumacher, who was going 17th, lost control of his car through the pool section and crashed into the wall on the exit from chicane.

Schumacher’s rear suspension and rear spoiler are completely separate from the Haas.

Schumacher, the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, immediately got out of the car and returned to the Haas garage.

Oddly enough, the race hosts rolled out their three options in the event of a crash while the rangers looked to clear the wreckage.

First, they implemented a virtual safety car, where drivers are required to drive slowly to delta time.

The actual safety car was deployed two minutes later, which required packing the field behind a fast car.

Just six minutes later, the race was suspended with a red flag to allow the guards to repair the barrier that Schumacher had entered.

When the race resumed, Sergio Perez of Red Bull Racing got off to a great start.

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