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Michael Irvin is not impressed with his son’s rap career.

Irvin starred in the NFL for more than a decade with the Dallas Cowboys, winning three Super Bowls, making five Pro Bowl appearances and putting up huge numbers. A successful NFL career allowed him to provide a great life for his family.

However, one of his sons, who goes by the rap name Toot Tarantino, doesn’t hesitate to rap about thug life and guns and pretend to be tough on his listeners and viewers. Well, this fraudulent behavior was brought to light in a funny way by his father.

Michael Irvin is putting the rapper’s son on blast.

If Toot Tarantino was hoping his father would remain silent so he could present a thuggish character, he’s in for a huge disappointment. Not only did the former Cowboys star blow up his son, he did it on national television for the entire country to watch on FS1’s “Undisputed.”

“I have a son. He raps. His rap name is Toot Tarantino. If I listened to some of his raps, I’d be like, ‘Oh my God! Where did you get that, son? You grew up in a gated community your whole life. But he’s raping my life because he’s romanticizing and imagining The old thug life and the ghetto life and all that stuff. “When we used to work on getting away from it, now we’ve somehow gotten to a place to get back to,” Irvin said while linking his son’s rap career to Ja Morant’s off-the-court issues.

You can watch the hilarious moment below, and let me know your thoughts at [email protected]. Keshawn Johnson had to stop himself from laughing.

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Irvin goes into full dad mode.

This is the kind of thing we love to see from parents. Irvin’s son wants to be a rapper, wants to act hard and post videos with (possibly fake?) weapons online for the world to see.

It’s not rare for rappers to lie about their roots. What’s rare is when their father comes on TV and puts them on the absolute blast of growing up in a gated community while acting like they came from the hood.

Irvin’s comments are the final step for the father. Your father is supposed to keep you real and honest. That’s all Michael is doing here. His son has a conman’s personality, and he’s just letting the world know.

Go ahead and act gangster if you want. Just know you’ve been exposed, Mr. Toot Tarantino! Look at some of the YouTube comments on one of his videos since the clip went viral.

YouTuber roasts Tarantino’s berries after his father, Michael Irvin, blows him up. (Credit: Screenshot YouTube/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wapd9WabczY)

Also, I would probably lose my job if I didn’t mention the famous scene from the movie “8 Mile” where Eminem erases the guy for being a fraud.

Props to Michael Irvine To keep it real. You like to see him. Going into full dad mode is never a funny thing. Let me know your thoughts on Irvin exposing his child at [email protected].

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