Michael Caine retires at 90, with The Great Escaper being his last film – Deadline

It’s been hinted at before, but now it looks like Michael Caine is officially retiring from his acting career – due to a lack of good lead roles.

The 90-year-old British Oscar-winner told the BBC on Friday that his latest film, The Great The fugitiveIt will be his last on-screen appearance.

“I keep saying I’m retiring. Well, now I am.”

“I thought, ‘I had a picture where I starred and it got amazing reviews… What am I going to do that’s going to get around this?’

He added that the scarcity of leading roles for a man of his age played a role in his decision.

“The only parts I could get now are guys who are 90. Or maybe 85

“They won’t be at the forefront. You won’t have 90-year-old leading men, you’ll have handsome boys and girls. So I thought I’d better leave with all this.”

His words brought down the curtain on a long-running career that lasted 77 years and earned 176 IMDB credits to his name, including two Oscars for Best Supporting Actor – for Hanan and her sisters In 1986 and Cider house rules In 1999.

The great escapee It sees him playing the real Bernard Jordan, a war veteran who leaves his care home on the British south coast, without telling his wife or his profession, to attend the 70th Congress.y Anniversary D-Day commemoration on the Normandy coast. He co-starred with the late Glenda Jackson, who died shortly after the film was completed.

The actor recently created a stir, as he questioned the need for intimacy coordinators on film sets.

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“Really? Seriously? What are they? We didn’t have that in my day. Thank God I’m 90 and no longer playing lovers, that’s all I can say. In my day I just did the love scene and carried on without anyone interfering. Everything has changed something.”

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