Meta Quest Pro VR headset gets price cut

  • Meta has announced a dramatic price drop for its high-end virtual reality headset, the Quest Pro.
  • Both the Quest Pro and Quest 2 will see price cuts in the coming days, dropping $500 for the Quest Pro and $70 for the Quest 2.

Meta’s Quest Pro headset, according to the company, has outward-facing cameras that capture users’ physical environment in full color and enable overlays of virtual elements such as 3D models, maps and screens, seen in this undated manual image.

Meta | via Reuters

The company announced on Friday that Meta will drop the prices of its Quest 2 and higher-end Quest Pro headsets.

The price of the Meta Quest 2 will drop from $499.99 to $429.99, while the price of the higher-end Meta Quest Pro will drop from $1,499.99 to $999.99.

Meta lost $13.7 billion in 2022 on its Reality Labs division. That’s the business unit responsible for developing the company’s ambitious metaverse technologies. Reality Labs earned $727 million in the fourth quarter, and expects revenue of $2.16 billion for the full year 2022. – down from $2.27 billion in 2021 – including sales of Quest headsets.

Meta Quest Pro 2 was announced in November, but its high price put it out of reach for most consumers. there Doesn’t seem to exist A clear professional use case. A low price will appeal to both audiences.

“Our goal is to make hardware affordable for as many people as possible to take advantage of all that VR has to offer,” the company said in a release. The price changes for Meta Quest 2 will start from March 5.

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US and Canadian buyers will also see the Quest Pro’s new pricing on March 5. It will drop in price worldwide on March 15.

CNBC’s Ari Levy contributed to this report.

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