Meta Horizon Worlds stalks losing users, falls short of goals: Report

horizon worlds, deadConsumers’ flagship metaverse fails to meet internal performance expectations, according to The Wall Street Journalwhich I reviewed the company’s internal documents.

Meta initially aims to reach 500,000 monthly active users in Horizon Worlds by the end of the year, but the current figure is less than 200,000, according to the report. In addition, the documents showed that most users did not return to Horizon after the first month on the platform, and the number of users has been steadily declining since the spring, the magazine said.

Only 9% of the worlds are visited by at least 50 people, and most of them never visit, according to the report.

The report comes by company Inventory is locatedUser numbers are dropping and advertisers are spending less. Meta shares are down 62% so far this year.

dead Rebranding from Facebook last year in order to reflect the company’s ambitions outside of social media. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was particularly interested in building the metaverse, a virtual world that allows users to work and play together.

As a result, she created Meta Horizon Worlds, a network of virtual spaces where users can interact with each other as avatars. Individuals can access Horizon through the Meta Quest virtual reality headset.

In an effort to stir up some excitement around the metaverse, Zuckerberg has unveiled his company’s latest virtual headset, dubbed MetaQuest Pro, at the Meta Connect conference Tuesday. The device costs $1,500 and contains new technologies, such as a high-end Snapdragon laptop chip.

A Meta spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the company continues to make improvements to the metaverse, which was always meant to be a multi-year project. Meta representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

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Meta said it will launch the web version of Horizon for mobile and PC this year, but the spokesperson didn’t have any launch dates to reveal.

Read the full magazine report over here.

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