Mercedes unveils new electric cars with better range than any Tesla model


Mercedes-Benz has just revealed new “close to production” concept cars that can outpace Tesla cars by going over 466 miles on a single charge. This compares to a range of less than 380 miles for any Tesla model.

The German automaker’s typical CLA class, open Sunday at the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich, it features four new models: a sedan, a station wagon and two SUVs. The company did not specify when exactly they will go into production.

Each vehicle will have a range of more than 750 km (466 miles), compared to a Tesla vehicle (TSLA) Model 3 And Modelswhich have the brand’s top ranges and can each go just under 375 miles on a single charge.

Meanwhile, BMW also made a splash at the show by unveiling a new electric car that featured a longer ride Faster range and charging, in further evidence of German automakers’ efforts to fend off growing competition for electric cars.

Major European automakers such as Volkswagen and Renault are already under pressure from Chinese rivals to buy cheaper electric cars, while Tesla Inc has pledged to transform its factory near Berlin into the largest automaker in Europe.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse, which is still in the design phase, uses newly developed battery cells that can store 20% more energy than those previously used by the company. Overall, charging speed and range are expected to be improved by up to 30% compared to previous models of the brand, according to the company.

“With Neue Klasse, we have embarked on the largest investment in the company’s history,” said Frank Weber, member of the BMW Management Board. He said in the current situation.

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The new car is scheduled to be launched in 2025.

For Mercedes, the CLA-class is intended to represent “an entirely new segment of electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level cars,” attracting more buyers, according to CEO Ola Kallenius.

The new vehicles, he said, “can easily take you from Munich to Hamburg on a single charge.”

Longer range may help the aging automaker attract more customers, as range concern is often cited as a major consideration in consumers’ decisions about purchasing an electric vehicle.

Kallenius also teased another upcoming vehicle on Sunday while discussing the Mercedes G-class, a line of SUVs, saying, “It’s going to be an electric mini G.” The new car can be a competitor to it Tesla Model Ywhich is also a compact SUV.

In a report released Thursday, UBS analysts said they had received a preview of the company’s latest models and felt “very reassuring” about Mercedes’ product pipeline for the next two to three years.

In another encouraging sign, the company’s management also noted that it is confident that the new electric vehicles will “reach the same profitability” as their gas-powered counterparts, the analysts added.

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