Megyn Kelly rips TJ Holmes and Amy Robach over ‘GMA3’ affair

Fired “Good Morning America” ​​co-anchors TJ Holmes and Amy Robach made a “huge PR blunder” in response to the public revelations about the affair that led to their exit from ABC, Megyn Kelly said.

Kelly lashed out at the pair afterwards Pictures emerged of Robach jumping into Holmes’ arms in a PDA-filled embrace in Los Angeles just hours after they signed exit agreements to end their departure from the network.

They just don’t understand — nobody looks at this and says ‘true love,'” the media personality said on Monday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Sirius XM Radio.

“They cheated on their spouses. They cheated on their kids. Yeah, that happens. Sad thing. Act like it’s sad. Stop bringing up the idea of ​​’I don’t give a damn about anyone I’ve hurt,'” Kelly added.

Holmes and Robach have faced intense scrutiny since last November, when Page Six and other outlets revealed the wed’s “Good Morning America” The presenters were involved in a relationship that lasted months. The news sparked an internal investigation, as well as the alleged eventual revelation about Holmes With three other ABC employees.

Megyn Kelly said the former anchors made a huge public relations mistake.
YouTube/Megyn Kelly

ABC confirmed their departure in a statement last week and described the case and its aftermath as a “distraction” to the network’s staff.

Kelly argued that Holmes and Robach, who have been photographed together regularly in recent weeks, had struck the wrong note in their handling of the saga.

“I think these two could have come out, they could have said on the show the next day, ‘We are so embarrassed. it’s the truth. This was a private matter that we particularly wanted to resolve given the fact that we both have children and have spouses, but we just couldn’t, the Daily Mail reports. We will take time off to deal with this. We hope we can earn your forgiveness and trust when we return.”

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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
TJ Holmes and Amy Robach signed exit agreements last week.
Agrobach / Instagram

“Then, lie down on the floor,” Kelly continued. “Stop the very clearly staged photo events in South Beach, where all of them are kissing and flirting, while their cheated husbands post sad pictures with their kids, who look incredibly miserable. That was a huge PR blunder. They orchestrated it 100 % , in my opinion “.

Kelly has expressed her opinion that the couple’s behavior after the affair came to light played a major role in ABC’s decision to cut ties with them.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
The relationship between Holmes and Robach came to light last November.
Agrobach / Instagram

“I think there’s a very good reason they lost their jobs,” Kelly said. “I think it was two things – the ridiculous PR behavior they engaged in after the scandal broke. They got the media all wrong, from my point of view. And two, it turns out he had all these other alleged associates at ABC.”

“My suspicion is that they were in a situation where ‘What are you going to do? She would release the black anchor and leave the white female? That could not happen. She had to go too,” she added.

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