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Harry’s diet changes ‘signify Megan influence’

Behavior expert Darren Stanton explored the royal family’s favorite food choices. UK coffee retailer coffee friendAnd reveals what their tastes suggest about their different personality traits, from Kate Middleton’s ‘Relative’ Hardy Foods to Prince Harry’s ‘Nostalgic’ Sunday Roast.

He also comments on Harry’s decision to abandon his preference for junk foods for healthy alternatives, and now lives in LA: “The change in Harry’s diet suggests that Megan’s influence could be more adventurous in their relationship.”

Stanton says: “In recent years, Harry is said to have avoided junk food, including pizza, and is now adapting to the California way of life, consuming healthy foods such as lots of fruit and sipping green smoothies.

“Harry’s diet change may be a sign that Meghan’s influence is going to be more adventurous in their relationship. Not only is it a reflection of the loving home connection she says she missed some parts of her life in the UK, but it also shows how Harry chases down feelings of nostalgia.

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