Max’s Tokyo Vice has been cancelled, but producers say ‘there’s more story to tell’

Max’s Tokyo Vice is hanging up the baton after two seasons, but its creator still has the desire to tell more of the story.

As reported diverseThe cancellation of the suspense thriller was confirmed by Sarah Aubrey, director of original programming for Max, series creator and executive producer JT Rodgers, and director and executive producer Alan Ball during the Produced By conference today. They say the decision to end before season three was mutual and made in an effort to support the storytelling.

“Knowing that you were going to get a two-season arc was really cool.

“Knowing that you were going to get a two-season arc was really cool,” Rogers said.

Rogers and Paul also released a joint statement with the show’s end announcement in which they thanked Max for his support. They say the company has stood by them when making major, potentially controversial story decisions.

“Over the past five years, Max has made sure we tell our story,” they said. They have supported us through thick and thin. Not only did they offer us these two seasons, they said yes when we asked to end season one on a cliffhanger, and they said yes when we asked for two more episodes so we could land the plane the way JT always envisioned it.”

Tokyo Vice doesn’t come forward about Max. (Photo courtesy of Max)

The statement continues: “We are grateful not only to Max, but to our partners Fifth Season, who have sold the show around the world, and made it a global success story. They have always been with us in the trenches, ensuring we were able to make the show we wanted to make. The response from both the press and fans has been overwhelming.” , especially for Season 2, is overwhelming. It’s been exciting to see how engaged viewers are with our characters, and to hear how much they’re asking for more.

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However, Rogers and Paul expressed their desire to continue with more Tokyo Vice in the future. The when and where has yet to be determined, and it is currently unclear whether or not the show will officially return:

“We know there are more stories to tell. Of course we will see what the future holds, but we are really grateful that we have been able to share this story about Max so far.

The first season of Tokyo Vice premiered in 2022 and starred Ansel Elgort as Jake Adelstein and Ken Watanabe as Hiroto Katagiri. A second season then followed in February 2024 before ending in April. We enjoyed the first three episodes of Tokyo Vice, giving it an 8/10 in our review. “Tokyo Vice sparkles with Michael Mann’s cool neon intensity, while also feeling, for better or worse, like a nostalgia project,” we said at the time.

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