Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie hug and kiss at the “Today” show producer’s wedding.


Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie

Big hugs and big kisses

During the wedding of the “Today” program producer.

Well, hell has frozen over, because Savannah Guthrie He was embraced by her Matt Lauer!

Matt and Savannah were at a New York City wedding Jennifer Long, a longtime “Today” show producer. We’re told that just before the bride walked out, Savannah walked up to Matt, hugged and kissed him, and the two talked for a few minutes.

And the reason it’s so amazing… Guthrie previously said she wouldn’t be in the same room with Matt after this He was fired From “Today” after sexual harassment complaints.

Matt showed up with his girlfriend, Shameen AbbasSavannah with her husband, Mike Feldman.

But wait there’s more. Amy Robach And T. J. Holmes They were there too and they didn’t just take to the dance floor…they were dancing for everyone to see.

You know, their ex-husbands, Andrew Shaw And Marilee FiebigWe are Now something!

As for Matt, he has kept a low profile since leaving the “Today” show six years ago, and has not been in contact with Savannah since his exit.

They were all smiles at the wedding and things seemed chilled out, so it looks like everyone had a good time.

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