Matt Hardy has to pay another fine for Twist of Fate

Don’t have time to catch up on all the AEW content online? do not worry. We’ve got you covered with AEW Rewind, which will take you back through bits of social media and YouTube videos from last week to Get ready Wednesday night dynamite.

This week’s “The Road To” featured MJF’s defense of the AEW World Championship and Dynamite Diamond Ring against Ricky Starks, the return of an injury to Robbie Suho with a grudge match with Tye Milo, and the fallout from ROH The last fight PPV.

Starks knows it’s time to bust out the biggest match of his career or shut up. MJF put the Starks’ skills to work, but the title change isn’t going to happen. The MJF advised Starks to mobilize that energy of excitement near the fall, because it would be the closest Starks could hit him.

Ruby aims to right wrongs and hurt people. Ty Robbie suffered a broken wrist and a broken nose. Ty thinks Ruby should be grateful, because she gave her a free nose job.

On the The last fight Fallout tip, Daniel Garcia considers losing the ROH Pure Championship to Wheeler Utah a blessing in disguise. Garcia believes he is above Pure Division and ROH. Athena is happy to send Mercedes Martinez on her retirement tour. The fallen gods plan to make it ROH Women’s Championship More historical than anything in AEW. Brisco hmm 13-time ROH Tag Champions. They appreciate FTR, but the Dem Boys are back. Gunn’s sons will end the legacy of FTR so theirs begins now.

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After Ethan Page failed to win the Dynamite Diamond Ring battle royal last week, the blame lay with Matt Hardy. All Ego pointed out that Hardy breaks the rules by doing the Twist of Fate. The penalty will be distributed to the private party. Page fined for error Hardy. Hardy let out a broken cry.

Samoa Joe does not avoid Wardlaw. Joe guarantees that the results will be the same for him as the undisputed king of television.

Touching interesting nuggets from to rise And the darkTye Milo and Anna Jay attacked Willow Nightingale, and Robbie ran out Suho with a metal pipe to save the day. Butcher and Blade cut an old-school promo and put the tag section on the notice.

“In-N-Out or Whataburger?” Being Elite Ep. 326 featured The Young Bucks swinging around backstage and flipping a jumper to Tony Schiavone, weekly traveling montage, Matt Jackson getting a pump in the gym, renegotiating his contract to include 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using those standbys to listen to Brandon Cutler seeks to make himself the biggest star in AEW, picking In-N-Out over Whataburger. Elsewhere, Cutler punished wordplay with Pixar movie titles, and Free Willy’s Ryan Nemeth auditioned for the role of the 9-year-old. My favorite part was the wrestlers trying to lift the huge dumbbells. Satnam Singh and Nick Komoroto were the only ones to make it.

Gunn’s sons were the most recent guests on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! EW. Topics of conversation included Ass Boys monikers, such as the Bum Brothers and Rear End Rascals, wanting to apologize as a first step toward reuniting with Billy Gunn, and W. Morrissey filling the daddy void as a husband. The Gunns closed with an emotional plea to America to stop chanting the Ass Boys.

We will close with a new commodity for the elite.

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