Mario’s Italian Dob sounds different from Pratt

Mario touches a blue mushroom.

screenshot: Universal Pictures / Nintendo / Lighting

And, according to his word, it won’t be Chris Pratt.insulting the italians In his leading role in Super Mario Bros. Movie. In fact, his voice performance is in the official trailer It was too faint I can’t help but wonder: What if Mario It was Was she more Italian? Turns out, I didn’t have to wonder for long. There is official Italian dubbing, and Mario definitely sounds very Italian while speaking…real Italian. take a look:

Super Mario Bros. El movie | Ufficiale Trailer Teaser (Universal Pictures) HD

damn it now this Italian Mario. He’s spinning some messages like he really knows what to do with them. And I really like the more hilarious role of the actor in Mario compared to him Pratt performance, which just looks like a man. I can believe that Italian Mario is really excited to be here, and he The most important metric for any Super Mario Bros. The voice actor who was asked to play such an iconic role.

Do you know who has the killer Mario? French moviegoers. look at this!

Super Mario Bros. Lo Movie Bandy Anonymous VF (2023)

This is a wonderful showdown with Mario – a man who is not only excited, but also enthusiastic. These little touches are really important in helping us imagine the Mushroom Kingdom as a lively and vibrant place (as opposed to carefully designed challenging levels).

Brazil also has a great role, but what makes me sad mostly is because the Americans got Pratt instead of the actual voice actor who wants to put emotions into his performance.

Brazil Mario looks like Mario | Super Mario Bros movie

At this point, give me one of the diplomas with an English translation. I wouldn’t expect a movie star to have played the original title from 1985 on the NES. I just would like the actor to seem like he doesn’t relate to the biggest role in such an important video game movie.

The Super Mario Bros. The film will be released on April 7, 2023.

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