Mario movie posters seem to have leaked online, first look at Peach and more

Image: Nintendo, Lighting

Excuse me! It looks like there might be a file Super Mario Bros movie leak before the trailer’s second reveal.

As indicated on some social media sites and gaming forums, some new posters have appeared on the Internet. In the first image, we have a picture of Mario and Luigi and a truck in the background (note: this was the truck Previously included in Game Collection).

If you stare hard enough, you can see Pauline on the right side of the truck walking along the side of the street.

The second poster reveals a picture of Mario and the gang with Bowser in the background. Perhaps most intriguing is what appears to be a proper first look at Princess Peach.

Keep in mind that these posters have not been officially revealed by Nintendo or Illumination. Some other artworks have also appeared, Showing off Copas Island and more.

You can get a second official teaser for the movie tomorrow in the new Nintendo Direct stream:

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