Mario Movie Just The Beginning of Nintendo & Illumination’s “Rewards Collaboration”

Image: Nintendo, Lighting

It’s still early days, but the Super Mario Bros. A movie that is already shaping up to be a huge a success based on industry forecasts and early box office data.

For Nintendo and Illumination, that means the partnership will likely continue. During an interview with Screenrant, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed this – stating that he’s “sure” the two companies will stick together moving forward.

This was reiterated by Chris Meledandri, CEO and founder of Illumination, calling the partnership with Nintendo “a truly rewarding collaboration”. He also referred to how he was previously invited to join Nintendo’s board of directors and said the companies are already working “together in the future”.

If you’ve already seen the Mario movie, this news probably doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s more to come, but it also means that there could be a lot more than just Mario on the horizon.

Although Miyamoto and Meledandri both seem interested in working together again in the future, they now agree that there is “nothing” they can really share at this time about any other Nintendo-themed projects.

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