Madonna is sued by fans for delaying the start of the concert

Madonna was sued by a pair of her fans who claimed that “Material Girl” falsely promised a concert start time that she repeatedly failed to deliver.

New York City residents Michael Fellows and Jonathan Haden accused Madonna, Barclays Center and Live Nation of “unreasonable, unfair and/or deceptive business practices” in a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday.

The concert flyer and promotion for Madonna's three “celebration” concerts in New York in December indicated that the show would begin at 8:30 p.m., but as the complaint notes, the shows did not begin until sometime after 10:30 p.m. Many fans argue that this constitutes a breach of contract.

According to the filing, fans claim they “experienced limited public transportation, limited ride sharing, and/or increased public and private transportation costs” by the end of their show on December 13 after midnight.

“Madonna demonstrated apparent difficulty in ensuring a complete, timely performance, and Defendants were aware that any statement regarding the start time of the show constituted, at best, optimistic speculation,” the lawsuit said.

The suit also cited late start times for Madonna's December 14 and 16 shows at the venue, noting the pop star's “long history of arriving and starting her concerts late.” The lawsuit alleged that the defendants' actions “constitute not only a breach of their contracts, but also the intentional practice of false advertising” and “negligent misrepresentation.”

Representatives for Madonna and Live Nation did not immediately respond diverse'Request for comment.

Madonna has historically been late to her shows and appearances, and the lawsuit notes this pattern, writing that it occurred “throughout the 2016 Rebel Heart Tour, the 2019-2020 Madame Two hours.” Because of this history, the lawsuit filed Wednesday seeks class-action status.

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Madonna's current concert was… It was postponed from last July due to the singer's hospitalization due to a bacterial infection she contracted in June. The concert is expected to conclude in the United States on April 15 in Texas.

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