Luka Doncic injury update: Mavericks star suffers calf strain; There is no timetable for return, in the report

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Dallas Mavericks Star Point Guard Luka Doncic He was diagnosed with a strain in his left calf after undergoing an MRI on Monday afternoon, According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN. Doncic Mode for Game 1 of the Mavericks vs. Series 1 Round 1 match Utah Jazz Saturday remains unknown because Dallas has not set a timetable for his return.

Doncic was injured in the regular season final for Dallas against San Antonio Spurs Sunday. With the Mavericks leading by 18 points in the third quarter, Doncic fell awkwardly after raising a pass and immediately began grimace in pain as he grabbed his left calf.

Here’s how the injury happened:

Although Doncic has not been officially ruled out for any part of the playoffs, this injury is a huge blow to the Mavericks who have taken over the home field advantage in the post-season for the first time since 2011. If Doncic isn’t 100 percent healthy %, will not only disable Dallas in the series, but there is always a chance that the current injury will worsen. Given how important Doncic is to everything the Mavericks do when attacking, it only makes sense that the Mavs would want to be extra careful with this volatile injury.

So Doncic he is After being eliminated from Game 1, Dallas will turn to Spencer Dinwiddy And Galen Bronson To try and fill in the shoes of an All-NBA goalkeeper. While that’s tough, Dinwiddie and Brunson have been integral to Dallas’ success this season.

Dinwiddie was one of the most influential players traded on Deadline, showing glimpses of his tearing up before the ACL in Dallas. He went from averaging just 12.6 points on 37 percent of field and 31 percent of depth with Washington Wizards This season, to put up 15.8 points on 49.8 percent better off the field and 40 percent from the long run with the MAF. Dinwiddie inspired the Mavericks off the bench, giving Dallas another creator besides Doncic who could really create himself for himself and others.

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Bronson has also been a bright spot for the Mavericks this year. The third-year guard averages a career-high in points (16.3), assists (4.8) and in the second season he shoots more than 50 percent from the field. If Dallas is to be without Doncic in any part of the series, Bronson and Dinwiddy will become their most important players in this team against the Jazz.

There are approximately four days from now until the Mavericks report at 1 p.m. ET against Utah on Saturday. During that time, both the Mavericks and the Jazz, as well as the rest of the NBA world, will be holding their breath to see if Doncic will be healthy enough to fit into Game 1.

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