Los Angeles hotel workers strike disrupts weekend

Oscar Orellana, 30, pulled over in the shadow of the Intercontinental and waved again at one of the drivers who had been shot as he drove by.

For six years, Mr. Orellana worked in the hotel’s housekeeping department, ensuring that linens were stocked on each floor. His parents also worked for a long time in hotel room service; He said his father was staying at a hotel near the Ritz-Carlton.

He said, “I used to see my parents, and they loved their work, which made me want to go into the hotel world, and I love my job.” But his three-hour round trip from Long Beach, roughly 25 miles away, combined with his heavy workload and inability to afford an occasional treat for his 4-year-old made it impossible for us to be there working. – That’s why we’re here on strike,” he said.

To the west, at the upscale Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, dozens of workers pick waffles outside the manicured floral hedges that line the property. A few guests said the hotel generally seemed to run well, but were frustrated by minor inconveniences – such as a lack of clean towels – at such an expensive property. They also felt stuck in an awkward social situation during a time when they just wanted to relax.

“I’m a union worker, so I can sympathize if they don’t get fair wages,” said John Smith, 38, who was visiting with his wife from San Bernardino.

But, he added, “we try to enjoy the vacation — I took two days off for that.”

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Just outside the property, on a street corner, the bride and groom took pictures with their arms around each other. Within yards of them, striking workers dressed in bright red could be seen marching and waving signs over their heads.

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