Linus acknowledges the “indolence” in Gamers Nexus’ response but takes offense at the public criticism

published: 2023-08-15 T00:33:35

updated: 2023-08-15 T00:33:48

Linus Sebastian released a lengthy statement in response to the Gamers Nexus criticism. While he admitted to some degree of “indolence” amid the company’s recent shake-up, he expressed “disappointment” at how the situation has now evolved in the public eye.

Fellow Tech YouTuber, Gamers Nexus, released barbs for Linus Tech Tips on August 14. Throughout the 44-minute video, Steve Burke delicately addresses concerns in recent Linus Media Group projects, while also identifying a number of ethical problems with Linus’ personal investments and collaborations.

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Only hours laterLinus Tech tips problemIt was broadcast live on YouTube, hundreds of thousands have already watched the video. Although unwilling to address the matter in his video, Linus responded online through the LTT forums with a lengthy written statement.

During that response, the former LMG CEO addressed the criticism head-on while also questioning the “hypocrisy” of Gamers Nexus’ approach to making things public without contacting him privately first.

Opening the statement, Linus claimed that the team would not be uploading a full video in response to the matter, claiming that “Most of what I have to say, I’ve already said, and done privately.”

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The popular content creator detailed how he contacted Gamers Nexus’ Steve Burke directly, explaining that he was “disappointed that he didn’t go through proper journalistic practices in creating this piece. He has my email and number and could have asked me for context that might be helpful.”

Pivoting to discuss the particular criticism, Linus quickly admits that their team is not infallible. “We’re going through some growing pains and we obviously have some work to do on internal processes and communication,” he admitted.

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“We’ve already done a lot of work internally to clean up our operations, but these things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that’s no excuse for shakiness.”

Linus Technology Tips

Allegedly, the writing team at LMG has set key performance indicators with regard to accuracy. Furthermore, Linus added: “We are constantly installing new checks and balances to ensure things continue to improve. If you haven’t seen the improvement, I honestly wonder if you’re really looking for it…”

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Finishing replying, Linus admitted he was “heartbroken” “by how quickly the pitchfork has grown up about this.” With thousands helping to post the video and countless more attacks on social media, he described the situation as “disheartening seeing how many people were ready to jump on us.

“Believe it or not, I am a real person and so are the rest of my team. We do the best we can, and if what we’re doing is easy, everyone else will.”

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