LG's latest 32-inch 4K display is a look that has a smart TV inside

LG will showcase a new series of 32-inch 4K hybrid PC/TV monitors called “MyView” at CES this year. The company announced They will come in “a variety of colors, including basic white, mild beige, cotton pink, and cotton green.” It will be offered in three variants at two price levels – $599.99 and $499.99, and LG says it will announce US availability “at a later date.”

The specifications and design language of LG's new smart LED displays are very similar to the Samsung M8 displays. Both come in multiple colors and have a whiff of modern iMac design, though with more adjustable stands (both support height, tilt, and swivel adjustments). Each can be used as a smart TV with the included remote and all new MyView displays will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two built-in speakers and dual HDMI ports.

LG MyView comes with a remote control to prove it's serious about streaming.
Image: LG

But a few key differences might make LG's new display a better deal. Its IPS panel probably looks better at an angle than the VA technology in Samsung's displays, and its three USB-C ports with 90W USB-C charging beat the M8's single USB-C with a maximum output of 65W. The most expensive MyView is also $100 less than the M8, so there's that.

The LG MyView looks a bit like an iMac if you squint.
Image: LG

LG's MyView displays will run webOS, giving them a huge advantage over other, more mundane displays, according to LG's announcement: They should be able to work like a Chromebook, using cloud services like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace without being tethered to another device. Computer.

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Speaking of price – LG's press release says the price is $599.99 Model 32SR85U It will come with three USB-C ports with 90W of USB-C power output and comes with a detachable webcam. the Product page For the 32SR85U, it also notes HomeKit compatibility, which, for smart TVs, typically means you can ask Siri to toggle inputs or turn it on and off.

The other two types come at a price of $499.99. The 32SR83U still has three USB-C ports and 400 nits of screen brightness, but it only puts out 65 watts over USB-C and won't come with a webcam. The 32SR70U doesn't appear to support a detachable webcam at all, it lights up at just 350 nits, and it only has a single USB-C port for 45W charging, replacing the other two with USB 2.0 ports (presumably USB-A). One of these things is not like the others.

MyView may undercut the Samsung M8 in a number of ways, but the aim of this series is clearly to fill the void left by Apple's display choice. Because monitors are almost always ugly, and while most people accept that as a fact of life, there is a category of people who want something that looks nice on their desk and would choose a studio display if it didn't cost more than their computer. The MyView's direct display specs probably won't justify its price, but the looks and added smart TV features might.

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