LeBron James explains the game winner’s miss against the Rockets

LeBron James had a “simple” explanation for his refusal to throw the ball on the rock to Carmelo Anthony, who missed the game-winning jump. The Lakers lost 139-130 to the Rockets In overtime on Wednesdays.

“I ended up behind the backboard,” James said, noting that he thought he had a drive corner before Houston driver David Nawapa got in his way.

“I was a bit lopsided and could have forced the ball to throw, but I wasn’t in a position to look great. I could have had a decent look and I feel like Milo looked a lot better than he did.”

The Lakers had a great opportunity to send the worst of the West Rockets home when he led James to the basket in the final seconds with a 120-120 score. Instead, Anthony got a late pass on the wing, faked the pumping to establish his footing, but missed a shot at the bell.

Although James scored a hat-trick for Russell Westbrook’s 30-point lead and Malik Monk’s 20-point goal, it wasn’t enough to beat the Rockets, who dominated the overtime period.

Meanwhile, Westbrook had his best game of the year mid-game The struggles lasted for months. But the Lakers’ defense is largely to blame for Houston’s annoyance — Los Angeles’ ninth consecutive loss.

James also added five turnovers to his fifth triple-double of the season.

The The Lakers struggle They have now lost six of their last seven, save for a win over the Warriors last Saturday, when James lost 56 points, a season-high.

The Ninth-seeded Lakers (28-37) will participate in the tournament if the playoffs begin on Thursday.

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LeBron James dribbles the baseline against Houston’s Eric Gordon on Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Bob Levy / Getty Images

The play cycle begins on April 12th. If the team is the ninth or tenth seed, it must win twice to exit the play round, which ends on April 15.

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