Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill in their “Jurassic” interview

gold Gee, I didn’t know you felt so strong about me!

no thing I found it kinda daunting, but the great thing about Jeff is that he’s kind of a lovable asshole too. And so I fell in love with them from day one.

How did your life change when “Jurassic Park” became the highest-grossing movie of all time?

gold I don’t focus on trading at all – I still consider myself a humble student in the creative endeavor – but I do remember the opening weekend was exciting. Sometimes I do big things that I think stand out, and I’ll tell you, a week goes by, as if it never happened. I don’t get a single call. This happens quite often, you will be surprised.

no thing One day, Bruce Dern [Laura’s father] Came to my house to drop it [her] Then he took me aside and clapped me on the shoulder. He said, “Son, do you know? You have a meal ticket for life here.” Now, maybe that’s true. I haven’t stopped working since then.

Dern You hope that if a moment like this happens, your Richter scale will not change according to how you measure what you want to do. I remember Jeff reading a script and saying, “That’s what you should do after Jurassic Park,” and it was “Citizen Ruth.” I could have gone back and done, like, the girl in the action movie, but it takes a great artist to say, “Don’t do the obvious. Do what you love and be bold.”

gold Over the decades, my life has changed greatly. I’m a different person than ever because I worked on that first movie and with these guys in particular – I’ve improved a lot. And all the people I’ve come across through anecdotes have been moved, touched, entertained, and excited about all things “Jurassic” – that’s a big deal.

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