Kyle Lewis trades to the Diamondbacks Mariners

PHOENIX – The D linebacker added a right-handed hitter to their homefield mix Thursday, and they were named former player of the year. Kyle Lewis Mariners vs. player/catcher Cooper Hamill.

With young players Corbin Carroll, Dolton Farshaw, Jake McCarthy and Alec Thomas all left-handed hitters, one of the D-back’s goals this season was to add a right-handed hitter to the group.

Trade details
Sailors receive: OF/C Cooper Hamill
D-back receives: From Kyle Lewis

Here are some things you should know about trading:

Defenders are betting that Lewis is healthy and still believe in his rise

Lewis won the AL Rookie of the Year Award in the pandemic-shortened 2020 season when he hit .262/.364/.437 and showed good discipline at the plate.

Injuries to his right knee limited him to just 36 games in 2021 and he appeared in 18 games with the Mariners last year when a concussion sidelined him briefly.

“We felt he was a good fit for us,” said D-back Mike Hazen. “We’re taking some inroads here with power potential, he’s got the base when he’s healthy, we feel like it’s a good opportunity for us to get some potential impact. He seems healthy now, he’s finished the season healthy. The concussion was a little weird when he got hurt.” But we’ll work hard to stay on top [his health] And how does this genre fit in from a playtime standpoint and a usability standpoint. But when he’s in the squad he’s a good fit for our team.”

The D-back does not need him to play midfield

“We’re looking at where he’s going as someone who’s going to jump out of the field and hit a little bit and hit clear from the other side of the plate,” Hazen said. “I don’t think anybody we’re acquiring is going to play in any center field outside of the players we have on the roster.”

The chances of a D-back appearing to trade one of their junior players remain the same

On the surface the acquisition of Lewis would make it more likely that the D-back would trade one of their junior players such as Thomas or Varshaw for help in other positions, but while that is still a huge possibility, this trade has not. t effect it.

“Nothing has changed,” Hazen said. “It doesn’t change any of those dynamics. It complements the roster I think a little bit more from a left-right standpoint. The opportunity that could present itself for us to continue to improve the roster, we’ll look at those things.”

Hummel’s trade also doesn’t change the calculus behind the board

Hummel was used as the team’s backup catcher for the last two months of the season and went down to the Arizona Fall League to continue his work behind the plate.

With or without Hummel, though, the D-backs planned to consider a promotion if not the starting catcher position he currently occupies. Carson Kellythen certainly a backup role.

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