Kurt Schilling made Michael Kay’s 61st home run call to Aaron Judge: ‘Let the moment breathe’

Kurt Schilling gave his opinion of YES’s Michael Kay during his call Aaron Judge’s 61st career at home Wednesday night in Toronto.

Appear on OutKick “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich,” Schilling was not a fan of how Kai was not left for a moment to “breathe” while the judge was circling the rules.

“I just wanted to see and feel the moment,” he said. “I didn’t need Michael Kay to explain to me that he just hit his home number 61 and that he was More than anyone since Roger Maris. We all know that. So, close your mouth and let the moment breathe.”


Former Boston Red Sox bowler Kurt Schilling is introduced during the 2018 World Championship Circuit Gala at Fenway Park in Boston on April 9, 2019.
(Billy Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Schilling, a three-time world champion, aired his expertise after spending years in the ESPN booth. And in those times, he explained what he learned.

“I was always learning,” he said, “and one of the things I think helped me in the booth were some moments that speak for themselves.” “I thought this was one of them. He could have said everything he said after the event. Everyone watching the match knows exactly what happened. They knew the number. But he’s also part of today’s announcers.”

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Schilling admitted, however, that there is a “personal bias” on his part when it comes to Kay, who has been the Yankees announcer with YES since 2002. Kay’s first taste call yankees games He came to the seat next to John Sterling during a radio broadcast in 1992 on WABC.

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Judge is preparing to break his home career record 62 in a single season, which will overtake the Maris as the MLS record holder, at Yankee Stadium this weekend in the team’s regular season final game at home against the Baltimore Orioles.

New York Yankees anchor Michael Kay

New York Yankees anchor Michael Kay
(Porter Binks/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)


Kay will be on hand for this game, as Amazon Prime Video allows YES to simultaneous broadcast of the game, though Kay and his team are still releasing the game either way.

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