Klay Thompson came out on top in his career first after Jaws with Devin Booker, The Suns

Phoenix – Guarding Warriors Klay Thompson He was sent off for the first time in his career after making two back-to-back technical errors during the impressive third quarter in Golden State’s 134-105 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night.

It was the first time the All-Stars had knocked out five times in 759 regular season and play-off games.

Thompson was verbally arguing with Phoenix Devin Booker For several minutes during the third quarter — he repeated over and over that he had four rings, according to Booker. With 6 and a half minutes left in the quarter, the two of them continued to exchange words and then hit the boxes, doubling the technique on both players.

“There was chirping on both ends, I know it,” Warriors forward Draymond Green He said. “I suspect [the Suns] She was very emotional.”

When Thompson began to turn away, Michael Bridges walked in it. He pushed Thompson Bridges away and soon after was issued a second technical foul, which resulted in him being fired. His teammate had to obstruct Thompson Stephen Curry Warriors assistant coach Chris DeMarco.

“After he was fired, he had a lot to say, which I love,” said Carey. Back and front are part of [the game]And I love that he’s involved in this regard because it matters to him.”

A total of seven technical fouls were evaluated in the third quarter between the two teams, all in under six minutes. Green and Warriors coach Steve Kerr with the Phoenix players Chris Paul And the Dender Eaton They were also whistled for techniques for various explosions, and most of this anger was directed at officials. Those seven technicians have tied the most in a single quarter over the past 25 seasons, according to Elias Sports Bureau research.

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“I think both teams want it,” said Phoenix coach Monty Williams. “I don’t think it’s personal at all. I think we just respect them. They are the champions.” “So, they’re going to get the best of us because they’re the best. So, I think a lot of feelings are just about the competition. We don’t take it personally at all, we just better understand that once all of that happens, we have to get back to focusing on the competition. And trying to win the game.”

As Thompson left the court, he continued to yell at the Suns’ bench, waving to them while pointing at his hand, repeating the same message he had been tweeting into Booker’s ear.

“We’re just two of the contenders,” Booker said. “I love Klay Thompson. I’ve had it for a really long time. But that wouldn’t spare us from competing and talking to each other. I’ve always been impressed by his game, how he plays on both ends of the ball. And obviously, the rings speak for themselves.”

Booker described the trash talk between the two, summing it up: “They have four episodes, repeating over and over, and they do, and they did.”

Thompson did not speak to the media after the match.

With Booker as the primary defender, Thompson shot 0 for 4, including 0 for 3 of 3, according to ESPN Statistics and Research. He finished the night with just two points in 1 of 8 in 19 minutes.

Meanwhile, Booker led all scorers with 34 points in 10 of 19 shots, including three three-pointers. He also made 11 of 14 throws. Booker scored 130 points in his first four games – the most in four games in a season in the Suns’ history.

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“He and Cook have gotten into it a little bit over the years, they’re just rivals, they’re both great players – I remember four or five years ago when Book was debuting, and Clay was in his prime, one night at Oracle and the same kind of thing happened,” Kerr said. things.” “There was no ejection, but they are both competitive, guarding each other, and that is the NBA. The highest competition in the world, things like that happen.”

Kerr said Thompson is frustrated playing with the current minute constraints on him as he returns to full form. Earlier in the day, Thompson said he didn’t expect to need to exercise the same kind of patience as he did when he came back from a two-year hiatus last season.

“Clay cares a lot about his impact on the team,” Kerr said. “He wants it so bad and he’s trying to force it now. He’s trying so hard. But he’s done it so many times, even before injuries. So I’ll mention him: there are 78 games left.”

Amidst the chaos in third place, the Suns were playing well, increasing their lead to 19 points by the end of the quarter. Without Thompson, the defending NBA champions couldn’t make any career, and the Suns maintained a comfortable lead the rest of the way.

“We have to remember that [as] There’s a different glow when you step in, said Curry, the champions’ defenders, “Teams are trying to come to you, especially on the road, to get the fans involved in. Their emotions run high and they feed off of it. … They had a bit of after that moment that they capitalized on.”

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In the moments after Thompson’s expulsion, the Suns outplayed the Warriors 22-9. But Kerr said he didn’t believe it when she lost the game. Instead, it was at the free throw line, where Phoenix attempted 34 (and made 28) of Golden State’s 17 (with 13 attempts).

“We lost our way,” Kerr said. “We have a lot of work to do. We are not a finished product, by any means. … We are not close to where we need to be right now. We are a very weak defensive team, and that is not winning in this league.”

Kerr said the warriors’ defensive problems begin with their transitional defense. When that problem was resolved, they began to pollute, which Kerr attributed to their late rotation. The Warriors allowed the Suns to score 72 points in the first half – the third game in which he has given up at least 70 points in half this season.

“The commitment to defense is lacking,” Green said. “It’s something we have to be better at, and it starts with me. And I’m going to make sure I get there. But right now, we’re a decent offensive team and a bad defensive team. I don’t expect that to be the issue. It’s something we can change, we just have to stick to it.”

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